war and weapons
General informations
La guerra e le armi Wars and the instruments of war are an integral part of our history.
The Macerata Province has often got involved in acts of war.
Especially during World War II, some of our towns were bombed, our hills became a refuge for partisans of the Resistance and there were even many concentration camps, including the one set up inside Palazzo Giustiniani Bandini by the Fiastra Abbey.
If you want to go backwards to past times, you can also visit museums that keep weapons and typical instruments of war dating back to Middle Ages and many other past epochs.
This trail will be of a high educational value for schools thanks to the visits to museums in Loro Piceno and Urbisaglia and rather curious as regards the visit to the Museums in Sarnano and to the collection of ancient weapons inside Pallotta Castle in Caldarola..

Arms Museum

Loro Piceno
( Macerata )

A small but very lively centre located in Macerata hinterland, Loro Piceno hosts the Museum of World Wars that is particularly interesting for school groups.

There are documents and objects that help to understand the big wars such as 14 dummies, one on horseback, complete with original uniforms and a reconstructed trench used in the Italian First World War.
The tour goes back over the two wartimes in order to provoke a reflection on the conflicts themselves and on the consequences they have brought.

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With its almost intact medieval town centre, Sarnano can be an interesting destination for didactic tourism.
First of all you can walk in a typical medieval site on the top of a hill, along its narrow streets which lead to the main square, the highest point of the town. You can also visit the Musei Civici, arranged inside the former Franciscan Monastery, which shows very rich and interesting collections.
In particular, the Museum of Arms shows a wide range of weapons from the early muskets to those used in recent wars, while describing their features and operation. A curiosity is represented by the Hammer Museum which is a an exposition of 500 hammers from various past ages, of different styles and for all uses.

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A Urbisaglia il Museo delle Armi e delle Uniformi militari, allestito nel Sacrario dei Caduti di tutte le Guerre, raccoglie importanti testimonianze, uniformi ed oggetti ed oggetti che vanno dal periodo dello Stato Pontificio fino alla prima Guerra Mondiale.

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Caldarola dominata dall’imponente Castello Pallotta, struttura originariamente militare trasformata nel 1500 in residenza estiva dal Cardinale Evangelista Pallotta.
Sono conservate ancora le mura, la merlatura guelfa, i camminamenti di ronda e il ponte levatoio.

All’interno si visita, tra l’altro, la Sala d’Armi che contiene una ricca collezione di alabarde, spade, armature e fucili e oggetti legati alle vicende di guerra degli esponenti della famiglia .

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