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Macerata e Camerino due università storiche Students at the college last year can approach university in these two towns which are not so large, but capable as well of providing all the information useful to culturally grow and then enter the working world.
Over the centuries he foundation of both universities had been a way to rise the cultural level of local population, to appeal young people willing to study and to train even very important scholars.
Nowadays these universities are very important for the local economy and keep the two cities more vital from a cultural point of view, as they are attended by many young Italian and international students and by well known professors.

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Macerata University

According to some historians, Macerata already had its Studium legum in 1290, but the real birth of the Macerata University was authorized by Paul III ‘s bull in 1540.
The original faculties were those of Law, Medicine and Theology.
Nowadays only Jurisprudence is still active with the addiction of new faculties such as Arts and Philosophy, Economic Affairs, Cultural Heritage Conservation, Educational Sciences and Communication and Statesmanship.

The historic site is a 17th –century Barnabites College attached to the church of St. Paul.
In recent years, due to a great expansion, various faculties have been housed in many historic buildings, creating a university system that deeply involves the whole old town centre and its inhabitants.

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Universita' di camerino

According to some documents, the Camerino University dates back to early 14th century.
Born as Jurisprudence Studium, then it became a General University in 1377. After a period of declino, it was refounded in 1727 and finally it became a state university in 1958.

Nowadays the University is housed in the Palazzo Ducale, built for the Da Varano family between the 13th and the 15th centuries, and includes five faculties: Law, Pharmacy, Architecture, Veterinary Medicine and many other degree courses.
In such a welcoming town, students are offered many services and everything suits the youth’s habits.

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