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Leopardi e i monti azzurri If you stay several days in Macerata Province, you can try to experience the feelings that Giacomo Leopardi, while looking at the Sibillini Mountains, conveyed in his poetry.

Thus, starting from Recanati and following Leopardian suggestions, you can reach the Blue Mountains, as he called the Sibillini Chain, along a path that leads you to discover the literary, the historic and finally the nature aspects of the Province.

This itinerary can then combine cultural knowledge and nature discover so that young people are able to live a responsible and alternative tourism.

leopardi: a poetic glance to the Sibillini
Leopardi e i monti azzurri


It is Giacomo Leopardi’s birthplace and it fully represents him. The whole city recalls the poet’s presence and there are places, in particular his house with the Library and the Hill of Infinity which have a sort of empathy with the poet himself.

Teresa Fattorini (Silvia)’s home, his mother Adelaide Antici’s home, St. Vito’s church where the poet was used to pray, St. Augustine’s church with the Tower of the Lone Sparrow and the Village Tower are all places that Leopardi celebrated in his Songs and that all students have somehow studied at school.

By visiting them, they can acquire a special importance because students can finally have a direct observation and a deeper comprehension of Leopardi’s world.
Nearby Leopardi’s home there is the so called Leopardi Studies Centre that offers students and lovers a rich documentation about the great poet’s life and poetry.
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Leopardi e i monti azzurri


Visso is a really interesting centre for its structure and it is doubly connected to Giacomo Leopardi.
It is in fact located on the Sibillini Mountains that the poet admired in the distance from the Hill of Infinity in Recanati and then Visso hosts in its Museum and Gallery, arranged in St. Augustine’s monastery, an exposition of some Leopardi’s manuscripts purchased in 1868 by the then-mayor of the town.
These are six idylls, including The Infinity, symbol of Leopardi's poetry, five sonnets and different letters.

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In Visso you can also find the head office of Sibillini Mountain National Park which includes a wide territory between the Provinces of Macerata, Ascoli Piceno up to Umbria.
The park is aimed at preservation of nature identity, history and culture but it also promote economic development with great respect for the environment and its traditions.
The Park Houses located in the main centres inside the Park and many Environmental Educational Centre all around this area, are able to arrange accommodation, school camps, excursions and other activities for school groups in the most suggestive locations in the mountains or on high hills following safe routes that are in any case suitable for different age groups.
Moreover, the presence of several science, archaeological and ethnographic museums allow students to easily discover all the characteristics of this territory.

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