Turismo Scolastico Macerata and its province is able to offer schools many possible didactic tours in line with their syllabuses and cultural activities.
Everything is set in a welcoming and stimulating land, off the most beaten tracks.
The idea is to combine history and nature in order to offer extremely interesting itineraries based on guided art city tours as well as excursions to the mountains or trips to the country.
Archaeological sites, abbeys, historic centres with all their monuments and museums, widespread artworks even in the most isolated villages, all represent new destinations for students of any age and allow them to live some days out from noise and in contact with a charming environment.
Not to be forget, the poet Giacomo Leopardi who was born on these hills, completely covered by cultivated fields and from which he drew inspiration for his poetry.
His places can still be visited in order to deepen and complete the study and analysis of Leopardi’s poetry and analysis began at school.
As regards nature trails, students can even make pleasant excursions on the Sibillini Mountains with the help of expert guides who will lead them to discover sites, woods, gorges carved by the rivers, wide and suggestive landscapes.
Inside Macerata Province, it is very easy to move from the coast to the mountains by following the valleys of the Chienti and the Potenza Rivers.
In this way it is possible to combine different destinations in order to offer schools a wide choice of appreciable and even funny itineraries.