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Arte contemporanea This route leads students to discover important works of contemporary art displayed in peculiar exhibitions: not real museums, but historic buildings that make valuable collections particularly appealing.

Among many famous authors, you can also find local artists that somehow have joined national and international artistic movements. In some old town centres you can also discover buildings which represent the 20th-century architecture.

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The capital town of the Province is rich in important religious and civic buildings.
The 18th-century Palazzo Ricci is particularly remarkable because his rooms, painted and decorated with 18th-century furniture and furnishings, house a considerable collection of 20th-century Italian artworks, including paintings and sculptures by all the major Italian artists.
There are also works by local artists, including some important representatives of Futurism movement.
The combination between contemporary art and the 18th-century location is particularly challenging. In order to complete the path of contemporary art, nearby Palazzo Ricci you can admire some buildings representing an expression of fascist architecture. Moreover, by the end of 2010, the Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery of the Macerata Municipality will be arranged inside the impressive Palazzo Buonaccorsi, also dated 18th century and formerly the site of the Carriage Museum.

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Civitanova Marche

This small but interesting medieval centre situated on a rise almost at sea level is Annibal Caro’s birthplace (1507-1566) , poet and translator of the “Aeneid”.
His home now hosts the "Marco Moretti" Gallery of Modern Art which features many engravings by contemporary artists, as well as paintings by Giorgio De Chirico and Carlo Carrà.
With regard to architecture, in Civitanova Marche you an see the House of Balilla, built in the '30s by architect Adalberto Libera, an important exponent of modern architecture.
At present, this building houses the Municipal Library.

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Porto Recanati

The 15th- century castle houses the "Attilio Moroni" Art Gallery rich in works of modern and contemporary art schools, donated to the city by the same Moroni, an important collector and scholar.

The collection contains particularly remarkable works by late 19th and early 20th century artists, including De Pisis and Casorati.

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