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Artigianato_artistico Students from technical college can have the opportunity to visit Appignano and Pollenza where some factories and workshops still prove the importance of certain crafts.

Although not very appreciated, they are surely very challenging for young people because they require specific skills, a remarkable dexterity and even some artistic talent.

Pollenza and Appignano are also linked to each other because in both cities craftsmanship is some way related to wood processing and ceramics production.


( Macerata )

It is a small but very lively centre. Even here the tradition of pottery and ceramics dates back to the 16th century. Borgo Santa Croce district was built in early 19th century in order to house local potters’ shops and workshops. Only at the beginning of the 20th century this activity had a decline due to the arrival of new products. Today there are two ceramics factories and a traditional shop.
You can also attend courses aimed at passing on all the secrets of this fascinating craft to future generations.
Nowadays Appignano is best known as a centre of furniture manufacturing, both valuable and for everyday use.
Many factories are linked to these activities.
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Nowadays craftsmanship related to the furniture manufacturing prevails in Pollenza, but documents testify that the art of pottery had been for four centuries the focus of its economic and artistic life since the 16th century.
In the Museum, housed in Palazzo Cento, you can admire many important pieces produced over the centuries in local workshops.
Nowadays the main activities are linked to furniture production and restoration of antiques and there are many workshops that can show the different stages of these activities.
(In July, for a fortnight, you can visit the workshops led by antique dealers and furniture makers to understand and appreciate their work).

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